SX 1801

Accepting crypto as a means of payment
is not for you?
Too risky?
Fear of value loss?

Then we have a risk-free solution for you!

Digital, simple and secure doesn’t work? We say: FOR SURE!
Get a suitable payment gateway now.

We show you how security, trust and digital payment can be combined. High transaction fees from banks, huge network fees for other payment systems, or charges for cross-border payments can therefore be easily avoided. With the crypto payment solutions we offer, you are preparing your business for the future. Whether at the counter, via Point of Sale terminals, or in the online shop: We will find the right system for you and your shop.

We are an official partner of Salamantex, an Austrian manufacturer of PoS devices. Their innovative system offers a risk-free solution for accepting cryptocurrencies. The underlying system architecture is ideal for the means of payment of the future.

Become a pioneer of one of the fastest growing sectors and for this reason let us advise you on this – free of charge and without obligation, of course. Go Future, Go Crypto!

Interested in taking the crypto path and integrating a crypto payment system into your business?

The terminal offers the following hardware features:

• 7″ merchant display
• 4″ customer display (for displaying QR codes and payment information)
• Cash receipt printer
• 1.5 GHz ARM Cortex-A53
• 2.4/5 GHz WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n)
• 3G/4G mobile data connection
• eSIM for use in over 100 markets worldwide, configured
• 4.1 GB of free memory, expandable by MicroSD slot
• IC card reader
• NFC card reader
• 4000 mAh battery for mobile operation

The hardware can be purchased or rented for a certain period of time.