The Evolution of Bitcoin: From 1 to 21 Million Coins

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Now you know from reading of my blog that our money is broken.

Fortunately we have bitcoin a better money that will help us build a brighter future. But if you don’t have a bitcoin strategy and a trusted partner to help you execute that strategy then you’re probably going to fall behind. Now i’ve known the swan bitcoin team for years the bitcoiners at swan are mission driven and have deep expertise and respect in the bitcoin space. In my opinion this is the team you want on your side. Today i’d like to highlight swann’s private client services division which guides high net worth individuals and businesses around the world toward building and preserving wealth with bitcoin.

Swann will guide you on complex areas such as self-custody or you can choose to hold your bitcoin through swann with one of the largest u. S regulated custodians so make your first purchase of swan private and get 100 of bitcoin. Just tell them that i sent you. You know an opportunity like this to build and preserve legacy impacting wealth for your family and company will not likely be seen again in our lifetimes. Brian Estes welcome to the show thank you thanks for having me yeah really glad to have you here uh it’s been a long time coming.

You are one of my first few guests. We’re doing this live so this is really cool experience and it looks like today we’re gonna do kind of an interesting educational run here through a lot of things. Bitcoin, but before we get into that maybe you could just give my audience a little bit of background about yourself your experience. What you do in the bitcoin space. How you got into bitcoin.

A little bit of that so i’m probably one of the older guys in the space being 54 but i started off. You know early my career as a stock broker when i was 22. I was an institutional equity broker for a company called a.s. adwords for 14 years.

Left that company in 2004, started my own registered investment advisory firm where I was the outsourced ceo for seven endowments and foundations.

In the st louis area managing about 350 million dollars for them and then in 2014 I saw cameron and tyler winkleboss on cnbc talking about bitcoin. When it was a hundred dollars and coming from traditional finance I you know I just thought it was a scam. It was probably this internet funny money pumped you know pump and dump scheme but after I looked into it I understood what it was instantly. I decided to sell my practice and sold it to wells fargo advisors and took that capital and started building blockchain companies eight years ago. So you instantly got it you just read the word.

I read the white paper three times the third time I read it I got it wow. I say instantly but it was the third time I read the white paper it it clicked with me I have a computer science background. Oh okay um I started coding when I was 14 years old back in the early 80s so i’ve you know i’ve coded in fortran pascal like all those ancient languages you know. I used to write software for the air force. When I was in high school my multiple software patents but um you know it was the combination of the you know the computer science background and the finance background that came together right in that one instant that allowed me to understand how where I rebuild our entire financial system on blockchain technology.